Fujifilm X-t1,Auto Rikenon 55mm f1.4 part 2

ISO 200, exposure time 1/867s, aperture f8.0

Today I took the Rikenon 55mm with me on a work trip. I wanted to try the lens out in a normal situation wherein I take a camera with me to take some casual pictures. I am more satisfied with the focusing, I only used the focus assist of the X-t1 and that worked fine, I guess I get used to it. The lens seems to give a 1960/70s kind of vibe with muted colors and low contrast but I want to take some comparison pictures in the future. I used Darktable to edit the RAW files. Besides the standard setting Darktable applies I did the black and white conversion with it and some curves.


ISO 200, exposure time 1/367s, aperture f8.0 I did some basic RAW file  editing with Darktable, on the color picture I took away some blue color cast.


ISO 200, exposure time 1/838s, aperture f8.0


ISO 200, exposure time 1/380s, aperture f8.0
ISO 200, exposure time 1/617s, aperture f8.0


ISO 200, exposure time 1/128s, aperture f8.0


ISO 200, exposure time 1/172s, aperture f8.0 This picture has a strange halo around the tree, I am not sure what happened. I overexposed the picture by 3/4 stop when I took the picture. I changed the white balance in Darktable but I havn’t figured out out to measure it from the picture. I had no lens hood and the sun was sharp so maybe that has something to do with it.





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