My name is Christiaan van Gaal and live in Norway. Photography is a hobby of my for around 30 years now. There were always periods that I took a lot of picture  and others only when I was on vacation. Three years ago I challenged myself in taking a picture a day, edit it and post it on my own blog. I started doing this to bring life in my fledgling hobby and I succeeded, as of this writing I am on day 1203 and looking back I can see progression and most important, I love it more and more.

But I want to learn more. I like my camera gear but I never been really good in the theoretical side of photography. I now what shutter time and aperture means and what happens if you lower or raise them. With the digital camera it is even easier, you see the result of your nob turning, and if it satisfying you go on, whiteout realizing why it looks good. I like to change that slightly, I like to start taking notes of what gear I use including the settings so I can learn from it. Because I like making blogs I thought why not present it to the “world”, if no one reads it i at least have a nice database to check what setting and gear I used for a specific picture.