Four lenses macro shoot.


Today I used four different lenses to shoot insects. I used a flash for some extra light even though It was a sunny day. I shot at ISO 400 and an aperture of f1, I had to adjust the flash strength when I moved into the shade but for the rest I didn’t change settings. I also used a small and lightweight tripod for some extra stabilization.

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Fujifilm X-t1, Micro-Nikkor (Nikon) 105mm f4.0


Today I got my new second hand camera in the mail, a Fujifilm X-t1. The previous owner bought the camera in 2015 and this model is now surpassed by the X-t2 and 3. I was also looking at the X-t2 with the newer 24mp sensor but I like the 16mp sensor on my X-e1 so much that I hope that the sensor in the X-t1 is similar. It’s also a 16mp sensor, slightly newer but with a different image processing engine that reduces noise and has other advantages. I only played with it for a little and took some pictures outside with an old Nikon macro lens. The pictures look good but I thought I was shooting in RAW but I wasn’t so I have only seen the pictures the camera thought I wanted and not the..raw pictures.  The only things I did with the two pictures with the black background wash brushing away in Lightroom some background disturbances.

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