Fujifilm X-t1, Mir-1b 37mm f2.8


IMG_20190718_181713.jpgToday I used an other vintage lens, the Mir-1b 37mm f2.8. These old lenses are great to play with and are relatively cheap to buy. For the money you can buy a new Fujifilm 35mm  lens you can buy several old lenses. This one is not so easy to use, the ring to adjust the aperture has clicks but you can also adjust it freely with an other ring just underneath it. This is not so bad, specially if you use it to film but the focus ring is close to the it and I kept changing the aperture. This is something I will probably get used to  but I noticed it.

The light was really harsh today, around noon, when I had some time to make some pictures. I found an old lens hood that fitted but there was still a lot of light “bleeding” in. It has also to do with the lens I guess but I will find that out when I use the lens in other circumstances. The closest focusing distance is not that close, around 65cm, I can’t wait to use it with some extension tubes, the background blur suppose to be quit nice.

All the pictures are taken with ISO 200 but the shutter times change and because the apertures are not recorded by the camera I have no clue what they are, the extra clickless aperture ring doesn’t help ether. Most pictures where shot with an aperture of f11. Because the pictures looked a little washed out I made them black and white. When I take pictures of buildings I have the habit to straighten the lines in for instance Lightroom or Photoshop, I now that it can look strange, it can make you look twice, wondering what’s wrong, but I guess I like that. It’s a style and I understand if you don’t like it.

Day 12121-61-51-41


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