Fujifilm X-T1, Hanimex 28mm f2.8


Today I write about a lens I used recently. It’s an other rebranded lens from a lens manufacturer specially made for the Australian marked. The lens is a Hanimex 28mm f.28 lens. I bought this lens for less than 10 USD. My particular lens has many small hear fractures in the front lens, they don’t seem to influence the picture quality but I can’t compare it. The aperture also changes from f22 to around f8 when I focus from the minimum distance to infinity. I only noticed this when my viewfinder and light meter didn’t change when I changed the aperture past f8 when taking landscape shots. These flaws might temper my enthusiasm about this lens but compared to the other 28mm I tested not so long ago (Orion 28mm f2.8) this lens is better. I will compare them side by side in the future but for some reason I like to take pictures with this lens. I also made some pictures of landscapes but they all came out bad. It might have something to do with the strange aperture behavior or with me not taking the time focusing accurately. Maybe I just like the focal lens on my 1.5 crop camera of this lens.

I had it with me to an other city here in Norway where I was for a seminar and Its nice to walk around with and take street style pictures. The pictures themselves are of course not as sharp as modern lenses but sharp enough for my liking and it has a noticeable vintage quality. Like most of these lenses this one feels good in the hand with all the parts nicely moving. It is probably 40 years old and for some reason it ended up here in Norway all the way from Australia where they where sold, these treason might explain the damage to the front glass and the strange behavior of the aperture.

most the pictures you see here are heavily edited in Lightroom and Darktable, not because the pictures needed it but because I felt like it.

Day 1304

Day 1305







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