Huawei P20 pro

Day 1104-1.jpgIn the beginning of the year I bought a new phone, the Huawei P20 pro. I chose this one because it has a good camera and was half the price of the Google pixel. You can make some nice pictures with it but don’t expect to mush. If you see the RAW files you understand that the phone does a lot of tricks to make the sensor date presentable. The RAW files have some strange (green) colors and distortions. I have some lens profiles for Lightroom but the results are hit and miss. But lightroom and Photoshop (or other programs) are necessary to have some control over the final output.

The normal pictures are fine, I don’t like the fake shallow depth of field but you can turn it of. The two time zoom is good and the night shot works good to. It is fun to work around the shortcomings of these phone cameras but for the next time I just buy a phone and take the camera for granted. The pictures are great for social media, don’t look to close, it is all fake and shallow.

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