Fujifilm X-t1, Nikon 50mm f1.8 reversed

1-4Today I used the Nikon 50mm and reversed it with a special adapter you screw on the lens where you normally screw on a filter. you can buy these kind of adapters for different camera mounts, in this case I used one for Nikon F-mount. There is off course IMG_20190713_145758.jpgno auto focus and you have to set your aperture manual. Today it was overcast and i set my ISO at 200, the shutter on 1∕180s and the aperture of f2.8. I didn’t change these settings and let the environment decide what the mood of the picture would be. The pictures are JPEG’s straight from the RAW file without any changes, only the one with the insect is slightly sharpened.  I personally like the effect of the low depth of field and the lack of sharpness. I shot these pictures handheld and there was some wind, I will test this setup an other day in better conditions whit a tripod to see how sharp the 50mm is reversed.

I still love my new camera, the X-t1. There is only one thing annoying me and that is that the camera only lets you know that there is no SD card in it if you start it up. When you take a picture it shows you this “picture”, the only thing that was different was that it didn’t go away but that is also a setting in the camera, I thought I had it on 1 1/2 seconds preview so I was a little confused but just thought i missed something. My Nikon D7100 shows you clearly that the picture you think you take is a demo so that’s mush better. So today I spend 30 minutes outsides taking all kinds of pictures only to realize that I took no pictures at all when i wanted to take out the SD card. So I retraced my steps and enjoyed taking pictures one extra time but it is something to remember.

If you look at the 2 pictures below you can see how mush closer you can focus if you reverse the lens.


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