Fujifilm X-t1, Lensbaby muse f2.8


Today I used a lens from Lensbaby, the Muse. With this particular lens you can easily tilt part of the lens to create some strange effects. You can move the front part slightly forwards or back to focus and you have to manually replace rings in the lens to mimic different aperture settings, I had it on 2.8 witch give you a shallow depth of field. I personally like the dramatic effect and the slight soft image that you get out of this lens.


I only did some slight curve adjustment in Corel aftershot pro, I really like the RAW files that come out of the X-t1, not sure what Corel brought to the table. All the picture have the same settings: ISO 200, exposure time 1/180s, aperture f2.8

I am testing different RAW file processing programs. I moved away from windows to Linux (Mint) last months where i used Lightroom for many years. Lightroom works really great, specially because i used it for so many years, so every other program has to struggle against my familiarity with Lightroom. I have Darktable installed which is not bad but has a learning curve. It is open software and free and made by enthusiast and that’s maybe it’s downside. For the developers it al make sense but for a newbie like me it is quit overwhelming, if you want a quick edit and easy program you have to look further. Today I found Corel aftershot pro, it is one of many programs to edit RAW files that you can buy but it is the first one that i found that works on Linux. It is not expensive, for 3 months of Lightroom you can buy it, around 35$. Because Corel is a relative big company they spend some more time streamlining the program and I think I could get used to it, but Lightroom is still miles ahead in usability. I will test some more programs, next is capture 1.


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