Fujifilm X-T1, Super Orion 28mm f2.8

Day 1286.jpg

Today I tested a 28mm lens made by Super Orion. I can not find much about this brand, its probably a copy of some other branded 28mm lens. I bought it for around 15,- USD with the hope I could bring it with me together with my 50 mm lenses. On my Fuji crop sensor it is around 42mm, almost wide angle for me. But the lens is not so good, specially not for landscapes. It is soft overall and sharpness is important in landscape photography. I took a lot of pictures today on different apertures but they are all soft and at 2.8 it is really bad, you can see some examples down below.

I also took some pictures in the museum where I work and for these kind of pictures I don’t mind that the lens is not sharp at f2.8, the aperture I used to shoot the pictures inside. In lightroom you can still make something nice out of the RAW files. There is not so much vignetting to see and the distortion is hardly noticeable. The lens also misses some “vintage picture” quality. The pictures look quit neutral with no muted colors or other charms that some of my other vintage lenses have.

The lens id nicely build, for the most part out of metal I think, it has an ensuring weight to it. I don’t think it is a lens I would bring with me, specially if I have a choice.

These first two pictured are rendered in Lightroom as HDR with 3 pictures and 1 stop bracketed. I made them this morning on my way to work. This time of year is really beautiful with the trees changing and the sun rising when I drive to work. The pictures are not bad if you look at them on a phone or small on a screen but zoomed in at 1:1 in lightroom there is nothing sharp in the pictures and that is a disappointment if you would like to enlarge it and stare at it when it is hanging on your wall..

Day 1288-1Day 1288-2

The pictures below are all shot with an aperture of 2.8 and a shutter time of 1/60s and ISO value of 3200 or 1600.


At these two comparisons you can see the differences between f22, f8 and f2.8. The pictures are lightly sharpened in Lightroom.

mal copyDSCF1726-Edit

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