Fujifilm X-T1, Auto Weltblick 24mm f2.5


Today I tested an other wide angel lens from the 70/80s the Auto Weltblick. Its a strange name, its German for worldview and it is one of those lenses made by a lens manufacturer for an other that will give it its own name. In this case I think its made for Neckerman in Germany, their is not mush on the internet about this brand and lens.

On the X-T1 this lens is almost a 35mm so a nice focal length. It is well build and easy to use. My first impression is that it is sharper overall than the other wide angel I tested, the 28mm Orion but it has more barrel distortion. For now it is definitely a lens I will bring with me, I like it for architecture inside and outside and it might be good enough for landscape photography. All the pictures here are edited in Lightroom



I need some more time to test the lens for landscape photography. These pictures are handheld made from a parked car. They look fine like this but I want to compare it with a more modern lens.


Like a lot of vintage lenses you get these specific lens flairs when you let the sun in. I had to work hard in lightroom to compensate for the low contrast to, with a mixed result.



On these two pictures you can clearly see the distortion, its a lot…


The lens is sharp, specially in the middle.


This and the first picture are nice and with some more preparation and editing usable.


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