Fujifilm X-t1, Mir-1b 37mm f2.8


IMG_20190718_181713.jpgToday I used an other vintage lens, the Mir-1b 37mm f2.8. These old lenses are great to play with and are relatively cheap to buy. For the money you can buy a new Fujifilm 35mm  lens you can buy several old lenses. This one is not so easy to use, the ring to adjust the aperture has clicks but you can also adjust it freely with an other ring just underneath it. This is not so bad, specially if you use it to film but the focus ring is close to the it and I kept changing the aperture. This is something I will probably get used to  but I noticed it.

The light was really harsh today, around noon, when I had some time to make some pictures. I found an old lens hood that fitted but there was still a lot of light “bleeding” in. It has also to do with the lens I guess but I will find that out when I use the lens in other circumstances. The closest focusing distance is not that close, around 65cm, I can’t wait to use it with some extension tubes, the background blur suppose to be quit nice.

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Fujifilm X-t1, Ricoh Auto Rikenon 55mm f1.4 (M42)

ISO 200, exposure time 1/2000s, aperture 1.4

Today I used an other manual lens, the Rico auto Rikenon 55mm f1.4. As far as I can tell the lens is from the 60th, it’s heavy and feels really good in the hand, the focusing ring is IMG_20190717_180022.jpgthe best I ever felt. Today I used it meanly at an aperture of 1.4 to see the results. You cannot focus really close, around 45 cm from the sensor but at that distance there is not much depth of field. Tomorrow I will try it at other f-stops and from longer distances from the subject.

So far I like what I see, the colors are nice and the sharpens seems good even though it is hard to see on most of these pictures because of the shallow depth of field and the angle I have taken these pictures. I did some more work on these pictures in Lightroom, mainly some highlight work and basic sharpening and contrast, the sun was shining bright and it was the middle of the day so the light was not at it’s best, the colors where already great in my opinion, straight from the sensor.

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Fujifilm X-t1,Nikon Nikkor 300mm 1:4

ISO 400, exposure time 1/500s, aperture 4.0

IMG_20190716_181109.jpgToday I used my 300mm Nikon lens on my X-t1 to try out manual focus with this kind of lens. The X-t1 has this focus aid that shows you a small zoomed in part of the screen besides the main screen and this works great. All the pictures are taken hand held with a shutter time of 500. The pictures of the flower give a nice mood and because of the aperture of f4 only a small sliver is sharp. The picture of Darth, our cat, shows a good sharpness in the eyes and the bridge is sharp to, at least part of it because the aperture was also f4. The butterfly was more difficult to get sharp but that was because of the wind, I shot a burst of pictures and prayed for the best, something a normally never do. Overall manual focusing works fine with this kind of lens.When I use this lens, made between 1987 and 2000, on my Nikon D7100 you can use the autofocus but it is slow, there is no motor in the lens like you have with modern lenses, it’s all mechanical and you notice, and hear it. As long as the subject is not moving to mush and you are not in a hurry it works great. .

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Fujifilm X-t1, Lensbaby scout, f5.6

Day 1209.jpg


Today I used a Lensbaby scout with a fish-eye lens. It is a relative cheap lens but it is fun to use, you can get really close and get some cool effects. If you focus really close you end up with a lot of vignetting that’s why I cropped the pictures. The pictures are not particular sharp, at f5.6 you have a small depth of field with this lens and I didn’t use a tripod.


All the pictures have the same settings: ISO 200, exposure time 1/125s, aperture f5.6

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Fujifilm X-t1, Lensbaby muse f2.8


Today I used a lens from Lensbaby, the Muse. With this particular lens you can easily tilt part of the lens to create some strange effects. You can move the front part slightly forwards or back to focus and you have to manually replace rings in the lens to mimic different aperture settings, I had it on 2.8 witch give you a shallow depth of field. I personally like the dramatic effect and the slight soft image that you get out of this lens.


I only did some slight curve adjustment in Corel aftershot pro, I really like the RAW files that come out of the X-t1, not sure what Corel brought to the table. All the picture have the same settings: ISO 200, exposure time 1/180s, aperture f2.8

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Fujifilm X-t1, Nikon 50mm f1.8 reversed

1-4Today I used the Nikon 50mm and reversed it with a special adapter you screw on the lens where you normally screw on a filter. you can buy these kind of adapters for different camera mounts, in this case I used one for Nikon F-mount. There is off course IMG_20190713_145758.jpgno auto focus and you have to set your aperture manual. Today it was overcast and i set my ISO at 200, the shutter on 1∕180s and the aperture of f2.8. I didn’t change these settings and let the environment decide what the mood of the picture would be. The pictures are JPEG’s straight from the RAW file without any changes, only the one with the insect is slightly sharpened.  I personally like the effect of the low depth of field and the lack of sharpness. I shot these pictures handheld and there was some wind, I will test this setup an other day in better conditions whit a tripod to see how sharp the 50mm is reversed.

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Fujifilm X-t1, Micro-Nikkor (Nikon) 105mm f4.0


Today I got my new second hand camera in the mail, a Fujifilm X-t1. The previous owner bought the camera in 2015 and this model is now surpassed by the X-t2 and 3. I was also looking at the X-t2 with the newer 24mp sensor but I like the 16mp sensor on my X-e1 so much that I hope that the sensor in the X-t1 is similar. It’s also a 16mp sensor, slightly newer but with a different image processing engine that reduces noise and has other advantages. I only played with it for a little and took some pictures outside with an old Nikon macro lens. The pictures look good but I thought I was shooting in RAW but I wasn’t so I have only seen the pictures the camera thought I wanted and not the..raw pictures.  The only things I did with the two pictures with the black background wash brushing away in Lightroom some background disturbances.

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